The bright kind
here there be fuzzbutts

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conures in bird-love (source)

oh my god this is the cutest thing of the day that’s it you won thanks

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baby arctic fox tries to eat a man alive

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Sony Playstation Portable

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baby roach  - The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Pumpkin King 

(TOSE - GBA - 2005)

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I had to make this post to go along with this video, because really, Crested pigeons (Ocyphaps lophotes, top three photos) are freaking pretty.  I’ve also included another Australian Columbid that I’m jealous of, the Common Bronzewing (Phaps chalcoptera, bottom three photos).

Image credits from top to bottom:
Lip Kee
Birds Central
Archies Archive
Ian Montgomery
Ákos Lumnitzer
Ian Montgomery

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i have some cute ass villagers

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How to make comics

My first vine

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have some dumps from my sketchbook

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Aang’s all grown up

I really enjoyed this.

Our portrayals of adult Aang up to this point had always been so serious. We though this was a perfect opportunity to show that deep down he was still the same fun-loving trickster. P.S. Ryu drew both of these, something like 9 years apart! P.P.S. I *JUST* noticed Sokka’s hair is colored incorrectly in that still. The top part is colored like his shaved sides. Is it too late to call a retake on footage we made in 2004?

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therorlord OH GODS WHY

imma see this image one more time before i step in and CORRECT THE ABSOLUTE SHIT OUT OF IT

this motherfucker done says his asshole son inherited his strong chin and i will not allow chinless zues up there to stand i just will not

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We’re way behind schedule

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ok please watch this vid of my perfect former street cat eat. will not disappoint I promise.

it’s just shoveling food into its mouth
this cat is actually a cat I would probably like

How I eat on cheat day after 5 days of working out. lolol

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